SUPER LIGHT                          REUSABLE


                    REUSABLE FOR MORE TIME
Magnetic eyelashes, if properly cared for, last 100x longer than regular false eyelashes because they do not use glue in their placement!
                  QUICK TO PLACE
Easy and quick to put on, you save lots of time when it comes to getting ready to leave. Practicality is enormous!
With Magnetic Eyelashes you will not have any difficulties putting it on, because it is very simple. Easy and without dirt with glue.
                RELIABLE AND SAFE
It does not damage your eyelashes when putting on or taking off, nor does it irritate the eyes, as there is no need to use glue or adhesive.
                      LEAD FREE
The technology of Magnetic Eyelash Magnets does not use Lead in Its Composition, while maintaining product safety.
                     SUPER LIGHT IMAGE
With technology coming from South Korea, the magnets are the lightest on the market, without bothering when to use the product.


Position the top of the magnetic cilia above your natural lashes.
Carefully approach the lower part, below your natural lashes, so that magnetism unites the two parts.
Once the two parts are connected, you'll already have incredible lashes.

TO REMOVE, just hold the two parts together and pull forward. The two parts will come together. Separate and store them back in the carton.

IMPORTANT for eyelash removal: Pull both forward together. After removing slide to the side to separate the magnets! Do not pull them against each other. OR. Hold the eyelash below and drag the eyelash from top to side, thus pulling without pulling.

IMPORTANT: Even if you can put mascara on your own lashes to blend the color (if necessary), you should never apply mascara.

              30 day full warranty or your money back!